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Hi, I'm Claire. I run The Furniture Flip. Here, I don't just sell trendy furniture in the SF Bay Area; I also empower individuals worldwide to discover the lucrative world of furniture reselling through reseller digital products and my one-on-one consultations.


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In July of 2022, I made my first sale. I bought a table set for $65, and sold it for $300. Fast forward 11 months and that initial $65 investment has turned into a $25,000 profit from reselling furniture.

Click here to listen to the whole story on Side Checks Podcast

Now, through my digital products, I educate others on how to start their own furniture reselling side hustles.  All with the mission of helping you maximize your profits while promoting an environmentally friendly way of decorating home spaces.  

Click here to book a consultation with me to talk about all things furniture reselling. 


Thank you for joining The Furniture Flip family – where sustainability, craftsmanship, and empowerment merge to create a brighter, more prosperous future for us all.


Let's flip furniture and flip our lives for the better!

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